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Police checkpoint activism – Concord New Hampshire style

August 9, 2012

New Hampshire is 1 of those states where sobriety checkpoints are legal. All the police have to do is get the approve from a judge and then tell the media in a town that a checkpoint will happen in that town. The media then reports when the checkpoint will happen. On July 27th, the Concord Monitor reported that a sobriety checkpoint would happen in Concord, NH during the 1st week of August.  NH drivers are allowed to turn around before a checkpoint, but only in such a manner as would be legal if a checkpoint wasn’t present.

Liberty activists from Manchester like to warn folks about these unconstitutional checkpoints, even if they have to go to Concord to do so.  Activists take a variety of actions including warning people and encouraging others to join in on the fun via Porc411, holding up warning signs near the checkpoint and warning motorists about checkpoints by projecting a laser on a near-by overpass.

On August 3rd, police conducted a checkpoint in Concord, NH.  Manchester folks knew it was going to happen, heard it was happening and joined the party.  They held signs warning motorists.  The police didn’t like that so they tried to intimate the liberty activists.  The liberty activists knew they were in the right so they didn’t back down.  Eventually, the police left the liberty activists alone.  Then the liberty activists took out a laser and projected “POLICE CHECKPOINT AHEAD” on the side of an overpass.  See for yourself, it is all in the video.

This type of activism has happened before in NH.  No doubt, it will continue to happen until the unconstitutional police checkpoints stop.


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