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If self defense or low crime is your main issue, you may want to support Ovide in the race for governor of NH

August 8, 2012

There was a Republican gubernatorial debate today between Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith.  Most of their answers to most of the questions were pretty similar.

The major difference was self defense and upholding the New Hampshire Constitution.  Lamontagne was asked a question about extending the current ability of people in NH to open carry without a license.  He was asked if he supports extending that ability to allow people in NH to conceal carry without a license.  Lamontagne correctly pointed out that he is for Constitutional carry.  He is for allowing people to conceal carry in NH without a license but would also leave the license process in place so NH folks could conceal carry with a NH license in states that have a repository agreement with the NH government.  AK and AZ did the same thing when they passed Constitutional carry.

Smith said he is opposed to Constitutional carry and thinks people should get a permit if they want to conceal carry in NH.  He also said, by leaving the permit process in place, Lamontagne is trying to have it both ways.  Lamontagne correctly pointed out that it is very consistent to leave the license process in place for those wanting to carry in other states.  I could see how a none gun owner could make the mistakes Smith made, but a person running for governor should have a basic understanding of US and NH gun laws.

If you are a diehard Smith supporters, I urge you to give Smith a gun laws 101 class.

Here are several areas where the two candidates more or less agreed.

On casinos, Lamontagne wants 1 casino with the taxes going to pay down property or business taxes.  Smith wants 2 casinos with the taxes going to pay down property or business taxes.

Both candidates said they support traditional marriage and are pro-life but tried to spend very little time talking about the issues.

Both candidates want to do something which involves spending government money to encourage younger people to stay in New Hampshire after high school.

They both used pro-liberty rhetoric.  Smith said he wants New Hampshire to be the most economically free state in the nation.  Lamontagne mentioned that he is even willing to listen to Libertarians and said Live Free or Die in his opening remarks.

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  1. wordpressandstuff permalink

    Here is the Keene Sentinel’s take on the debate. Note that the report said “both men said they were anti-abortion.” In fact, both men said they were “pro-life.” The reported tried to report the facts from a nonpartisan position for most of the article but couldn’t help himself. It seems that the reporter is (and I’ll be fair here and use the term the reporter would use to describe himself) pro-choice. Of course, it is fine that the report is pro-choice. Still, it would be nice if he was objective when reporting.

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