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2nd NH Rep. Switches to the Libertarian Party This Year

May 10, 2017

Today the New Hampshire House Libertarian Party Minority Caucus held a press conference to announce that Representative Joseph Stallcop of Keene switched his party registration from Democratic to Libertarian. Representative Stallcop joins Representative Caleb Dyer as the second Libertarian Party legislator in the “Live Free or Die” State House.

Representative Dyer switched to Libertarian earlier in the year, after the Party gained official ballot status due to the Honorable Max Abramson receiving four percent of the vote in his November bid to become the governor of New Hampshire as a Libertarian. The only other Libertarian Party legislator in the entire nation is Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke. Like the Honorable Abramson and Representative Dyer of New Hampshire, Senator Ebke was originally elected as a Republican. On the other hand, Representative Stallcop has the honor of being the second Libertarian Party legislator in the nation to originally get elected as a Democrat.

Representative Stallcop is the third Democratic legislator and forth overall to switch parties this year in New Hampshire. As was mentioned previously, Representative Dyer switched from the Republican Party to become a Libertarian. Two other New Hampshire Democrats abandoned the Democratic Party for the Republican Party. Rumors have been widely circulating for weeks that additional New Hampshire Democrats are considering abandoning the Party as Democrats are very upset with their state leadership.

Representative Stallcop said “while my time in Concord reinforced the ineptitude that can exist by those in charge. I originally joined the Democratic Party in hopes of making a difference through critical thinking and my classical liberal viewpoint, yet with the lack of unbiased data in caucuses as well as backlash on votes I’ve independently made, it seems there is no longer a place for me here. With a high regard for individuals personally working in their communities to implement positive change, I hereby transfer to the Libertarian Party.”

Libertarian Party New Hampshire Chairman Darryl W. Perry added “today marks only the second time in the 45 year history of the Libertarian Party that a sitting state representative has left the Democratic Party for the Libertarian Party… Today also marks the first time in nearly 2 decades that the New Hampshire General Court will have a Libertarian Caucus!”

Originally formed in 1992, the New Hampshire House Libertarian Minority Caucus had four members: Calvin Warburton, Andy Borsa, Don Gorman, and Finlay Rothhaus. The officially recognized Libertarian Caucus named Gorman as the Libertarian Floor Leader.

Congratulations Representative Stallcop on following the advice of famed New Hampshire poet Robert Frost and taking the road not taken.

Link to the Libertarian Party New Hampshire press release

Link to the Libertarian Party New Hampshire press conference


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