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Democrat Party Activist Defeats Governor Maggie Hassan in Court

November 25, 2015

Linda Horan and her family have a lot to give thanks for this Thanksgiving. Linda just defeated Governor Maggie Hassan and her so-called Department of Health and Human Services in court. Linda sued the state of New Hampshire, saying that the state was wrong to prevent her from purchasing the pain medicine she had a legal and moral right to purchase.

In order to force Linda to suffer as much as possible, Governor Hassan’s administration waited until the final day to act on the case. The New Hampshire judge wasn’t having any of it! The Merrimack County Superior Court judge ruled this week that the New Hampshire Governor’s administration must follow the law and issue Linda a medical marijuana card.

Governor Hassan and her cronies refused to comment on the order to follow New Hampshire law. However, Democrat State Representatives in New Hampshire and Maine praised the Merrimack County Superior Court defeat of Governor Hassan. New Hampshire Democrat Representative Renny Cushing said, “It’s outrageous that at this point in time, 28 months after the Legislature passed a medical marijuana law, that not a single card has been issued.” Maine Democrat Representative Diane Russell offered to let Linda live with her in Maine.

See for an extensive write-up on the case.

One Comment
  1. it’s really sickening that the polititicians STILL have that much power over anyones life! It’s a real shame that people still refuse to wake up to the fact that we DON’T need them to decide ANYTHING for us, we have a RIGHT to decide what medicine we do or do not want to use!
    It would be nice to just throw them ALL out, I keep wondering why people all SAY they will do that in every election, but in every election they STILL vote in the same thugs in suits, EVERY DAMN TIME! WTF is wrong with people?

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