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New Hampshire has the 3rd Lowest Unemployment Rate in the Nation!

August 15, 2015

That’s right. Our state of New Hampshire has the third lowest not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the nation. New Hampshire has the lowest rate in the East. Also, the lowest rate in the Northeast. We also have the lowest rate in New England. Looking for a job? Go to New Hampshire young man.

BTW, the only other state in the Eastern United States with a very low unemployment rate is border state Vermont.

3rd Lowest Unemployment Rate

At 3.0%, Sullivan County has the lowest unemployment rate of any county in NH. The rate in Grafton County is 3.1%. Merrimack County and Belknap County follow at 3.2%. The rate is 3.3% in Strafford County.

Unemployment Rate in Selected Towns:
Concord 3.2%
Croydon 3.6%
Dover 3.0%
Freedom 3.3%
Grafton 3.7%
Jefferson 2.6%
Keene 3.7%
Lancaster 2.9%
Lebanon 2.3%
Manchester 3.8%
Portsmouth 2.7%
Weare 2.7%


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  1. Dana&Shirley permalink

    the numbers you post are low and look good however, 50 % of workers, travel out of State for employment, the other 40% work locally at low paying jobs and then this numbers do not reflect those that have dropped out of the work force all together. So nice try, since here in the North Country we have industry leaving all together. the left wing politicians have DESTROYED NH with their TAX & SPEND MARXIST AGENDA FUK OFF

    • wordpressandstuff permalink

      New Hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the Eastern United State. The border states of Vermont and Maine have the second and third lowest unemployment rate sin the Eastern United States. New Hampshire also has nearly the highest median household income in the nation.

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