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Gun maker Sig Sauer expands in New Hampshire for the second year in a row

January 10, 2014

With it’s second expansion in two year, elite firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer proves that New Hampshire is good for gun makers. Sig Sauer recently moved from a modest manufacturing facility in Exeter, NH to a much larger facility in Newington, NH. The company is currently renovating a factory in Dover, NH where it will expand production even further.

The moving and expanding of firearms manufactures has been a big topic of national discussion for the last couple years. Just last week, a high capacity magazine manufacturer, Magpul, announced it is leaving Colorado due to the CO legislature’s strong opposition to self-defense. Ruger, another firearms manufacturer in New Hampshire, has run production at near full capacity for a couple years. Additionally, Ruger is considering opening a second shooting range in Newport, NH. Other, smaller firearms manufacturers have recently relocated to the Keene and Manchester, NH areas.

The US history of Sig Sauer:

  • 1985 – Sig Sauer opened in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia
  • 1987 – Relocated to Herndon, Virginia
  • 1992 – Relocated to Exeter, New Hampshire
  • 2001 – Expanded with a training academy in Epping, New Hampshire
  • 2013 – Relocated HQ from Exeter to a larger facility in Newington, New Hampshire
  • 2014 – Expanding with an additional factory in Dover, New Hampshire

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