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2013 New Hampshire City Election Results

November 10, 2013

Results for the city elections held in New Hampshire on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.


In Concord, there wasn’t much hope of a lot of success, but there was hope for reducing the number of candidates on the city council that supported the massive federal handout to the city of Concord in the form of an attack truck designed to kill people. That’s right, the vote by the Concord city council to accept a Department of Homeland Security BEARCAT helped shape the election. In fact, 1 of the city councilors that voted for the BEARCAT didn’t even run for reelection.

In Ward 3, BEARCAT supporting city councilor Jennifer Kretovic lost. In Ward 4, Kevin Bloom beat the BEARCAT supporting incumbent but another challenger beat them both. So 3 of the pro-BEARCAT city councilors won’t be on the city council going forward. Similar results previously happened in Keene, NH after that city council voted to take the federal handout. This should be a clear sign to councilors in New Hampshire.

Samantha Clattenburg took 3rd in a 6 way race for 2 city council at large seats. And finally, incumbent Dick Patten, who as a member of the NH House received New Hampshire Liberty Alliance ratings of D- in 2012 and D+ in 2013, took 3rd in a way race for Ward 8 city council.

In Dover, Karen Weston, a small business owner and supporter of the Dover tax cap, beat Rocky D’Andrea in the mayoral race. While Rocky D’Andrea, a Republican also supported the tax cap, the local taxpayer advocates pushed for Karen Weston. Most of the other taxpayer supported candidates lost.

Voter apathy is typically high in Keene and this election was no different. Outside of the city council at large race, the only people willing to even run against the incumbents were a group of folks that the Keene Sentinel labeled Free Keene affiliated. All of the so called Free Keene candidates took last place. They certainly did receive a lot of free advertising with radio interviews, debates on TV and newspaper coverage. As for the city council at large race, the 2 best candidates challenging the status que and not associated with Free Keene took 7th and 8th place in the 10 way race for 5 seats. Bob Sutherland’s 7th place finish wasn’t far from actually making 5th place. Hopefully he continues to run in the future. Darryl W. Perry posted a highly detailed Keene election wrap-up. Ian Freeman followed up with an interesting commentary on the Keene election.

There were two very important issues on the ballot in Manchester. 1. Reelecting Mayor Ted Gatsas because of his strong support for the tax cap, even when it meant rejecting federal handouts that come with strings attached. 2 Defeating the proposed Manchester city charter changes, which would have increased pay for elected workers throughout the city and likely increased taxes while cutting services. Ted Gatsas was reelect with 53% of the vote and the city charter changes were rejected, only receiving 42% of the vote.

Unfortunately for the people of Manchester, Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo only received 47% of the vote and was not reelected. While current Ward 12 Alderman Patrick Arnold lost in his bid to unseat the current Mayor, Republican Keith Hirschmann took his place as the new Ward 12 Alderman. The always controversial and animated Joseph Kelly Levasseur won reelection as an Alderman at large. Robyn Dunphy School Committee Ward 6 was elected. Paul R.R. Martineau, famous for doing everything he can, even legally questionable things, to prevent the people of Manchester from receiving government welfare, was reelection as the Manchester Welfare Commissioner with 56% of the vote. Unfortunately, many of the other pretty good Manchester candidates lost, including some in close races.

David Murotake, a Ron Paul endorsing Republican, was reelected to the School Committee in Nashua. Sean M. McGuinness, who had previously been endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance when he was a candidate for the NH House, won the Alderman Ward 1 race. Mark Cookson came in a close 4th out of candidates for the 3 Alderman at large positions. Some other not so bad candidates won various positions in Nashua but the real story in Nashua wasn’t the candidates, it was the lack of candidates.

Of note, Nashua residents decided to not even run for 12 positions so the results were decided by write-ins. Well, in some of those positions, there weren’t even any write-in candidates so those positions will be appointed. That’s 1 of the issues with New Hampshire, there are 1,000s of elected or appointed government positions that pay very little to no money. If only there was a solution?

Republican Jack Thorsen, known as a strong fiscal conservative, won reelection to the Portsmouth City Council on Tuesday. In 2011 he had 1,098 votes in a in a 11 way race for 9 seats. In 2013 he had 1,693 votes in a 23 way race for 9 seats. Jack and 5 other city council candidates were endorsed by the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers. Two more of them, Esther E. Kennedy and Zelita F. Morgan were also elected. Ken Smith, who famously took the APT tax pledge in 2009 and then turned around and voted to increase taxes lost some support between the 2009 election and 2011 election. On Tuesday, voters told him that he was was no longer wanted as he lost his reelection bid. See the Portsmouth city website for all of the results.

Several pretty good candidates won in Rochester including:
Don Hamann City Council Rochester Ward 4
Mac Kittredge City Council Ward 6
Kathy Dunton School Committeeman at large
Ray Turner School Committeeman Ward 2

Taxpayer advocate Matt Spencer lost the mayoral race in Somersworth.

As an aside, currently, several of the cities listed above, including the most populated, 2nd most populated, 4th most populated and 5th most populated cities in New Hampshire, all have tax and or spending caps on the size of the growth of government.


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