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New Hampshire local election city suggestions 2013

October 31, 2013

UPDATE: Click here for the 2013 city election results

New Hampshire Freedom is suggesting candidates in the 2013 city council/alderman races set for November 5th. Here are the suggested candidates.

Christopher Booth Concord Mayor
Samantha Clattenburg City Council Concord (At Large)
Joshua VanBuskirk City Council Concord (At Large)
Tim Bauman City Council Concord Ward 2
Kevin Bloom City Council Concord Ward 4
More info:

Darryl W. Perry Keene Mayor
Ian Freeman City Council Keene (At Large)
Steve Lindsey City Council Keene (At Large)
Robert Sutherland City Council Keene (At Large)
David Crawford City Council Keene Ward 1
James Cleaveland City Council Keene Ward 2
Conan Salada City Council Keene Ward 4
More info:

Ted Gatsas Manchester Mayor
William Infantine Alderman Manchester (At Large)
Joseph Kelly Levasseur Alderman Manchester (At Large)
Tim Corbett Alderman Manchester Ward 1
Craig Haynie Selectman Manchester Ward 1
Win Hutchinson Alderman Manchester Ward 2
Merav Yaakov Alderman Manchester Ward 3
Shuvom Ghose Alderman Manchester Ward 4
Lisa Freeman School Committeeman Manchester Ward 5
Joe Whitten Alderman Manchester Ward 6
Robyn Dunphy School Committeeman Manchester Ward 6
Steve Vaillancourt School Committeeman Manchester Ward 8
Vince Perfetto Selectman Manchester Ward 9
J. Gail Barry School Committeeman Manchester Ward 9
Victoria Sullivan Alderman Manchester Ward 9
Phil Greazzo Alderman Manchester Ward 10
Christopher Hussey Alderman Manchester Ward 11
Ofer Nave Manchester Selectman Manchester Ward 11
Christine Duffley School Committeeman Manchester Ward 12
Tyler Crosson Moderator Manchester Ward 12
More info:

David Murotake School Committeeman Nashua (At Large)
Mark Cookson Alderman Nashua (At Large)
Elenore Casey Crane Alderman Nashua Ward 2
More info:

Jack D. Thorsen City Council Portsmouth (At Large)
More info:

Fred Leonard Rochester Mayor
Tom Kaczynski City Council Rochester Ward 1
Dave Cope City Council Rochester Ward 2
Don Hamann City Council Rochester Ward 4
Kathy Dunton School Committeeman Rochester (At Large)
Ray Turner School Committeeman Rochester Ward 2
More info:

Matt Spencer Somersworth Mayor
More info:


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  1. David Martin permalink

    Please consider Dover Taxpayers’ endorsements of libertarian-leaning (me, RLCNH, NHFFE, NHFA endorsed) and other frugal spenders.
    “For Mayor: Karen Weston
    For Council at Large: Fergus Cullen
    Ward 1: Re-elect Ed Spuler
    Ward 2: (uncontested; no recommendation)
    Ward 3: Re-elect Mike Crago
    Ward 4: Tom Seiler
    Ward 5: Re-elect Catherine Cheney
    Ward 6: Re-elect Mike Weeden

    For School Board: Don Andolina, Mike Castaldo, Doris Grady, David Martin, Rob McCrory

    Fergus Cullen

    Follow me on Twitter @ferguscullen “

    • wordpressandstuff permalink

      Thanks for the suggestions. Good luck taxpayers of Dover.

  2. Sjoseph permalink

    Are there any suggestions for Dover?

    • wordpressandstuff permalink

      Not that I know of. Please do your research and vote, though 😉 Fergus has some suggestions above so that’s a good place to start your research.

    • The recomendations above for Dover look good from other peole I have read. They are the choices that are most likely to avoid overriding the tax cap and keep spending to responsible levels. The other candidates are big government if that is your thing. Mike weeden, Ward 6 did a term in the State legislator and got a B- on the NH Liberty Alliance liberty rating.

      • David Martin permalink

        B- is not pretty, but the alternative is guaranteed big spender. See House Reps. ratings for Dover & expect same from big-spending candidates. Council grades for big cities would be great too.

  3. wordpressandstuff permalink

    Here are the endorsements by the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers.
    Jack Thorsen (took tax pledge)
    Arthur Clough (took tax pledge)
    Mark Brighton (took tax pledge)
    Esther Kennedy
    Duncan MacCallum
    Zelita Morgan

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