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According to Concord, NH, Free Staters commit daily terrorism acts!

July 29, 2013

Free staters are considered double armed and dangerous! If you see a free stater, stay back and contact the foremost terrorism experts in the Milky Way Galaxy. Concord City Manager, Thomas Aspell, Concord Police Chief, John Duval and Concord Deputy City Manager, Brian LeBurn will be able to help you solve your terrorist problem.

Contact Information: Remember, these are respected terrorism experts so please be nice to them on the phone. Otherwise, they may label you a terrorist and use their BEARCAT to destroy your home.
Thomas Aspell 603-225-8569 or 603-225-8519
John Duval 603-230-3735 or 603-225-8519
Brian LeBurn 603-225-8583 or 603-225-8519


Remember, free staters are dangerous terrorists. Take caution when around free staters. The leading terrorism experts in the Milky Way galaxy applied for a military vehicle called the Lenco Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck. They must have the ballistic engineered armored truck to deal with the terrorist that are actively menacing Concord on a daily basis. Read what the internationally renown experts on terrorism have to say about the free stater terrorists.

Full PDF of the Concord application for the free Department of Homeland Security Lenco BEARCAT to stop the free state terrorism.

This concludes the community service announcement.


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  1. If you want to meet some domestic terrorists…

  2. Fascist Anarchist permalink

    Just wait, they’ll get the Bearcat, and in less than a week, get it hung up while going through the drive thru. 😉

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