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Part 2: putting New Hampshire’s weather into perspective

July 8, 2013

Did you know that New Hampshire is warmer than much of CT, IL, IN, MA, NE, NY, OH and PA?

The previous post about putting New Hampshire’s weather into perspective compared Salem, NH, a large Merrimack Valley Region town right on I-93 located between the Manchester, NH suburbs and the Boston, MA suburbs. That post compared Salem to some of the largest urban areas in the US.

This time around, Newton, NH, a small town in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire is featured. Newton has less than 5,000 people, is located 6 miles from the train to Boston and of course, a short drive to multiple beaches including 1 of the top rated beaches in the nation.

Sometimes people that just learn about the Free State Project say that New Hampshire is cold. NH is colder than much of the US. However, much of NH is warmer in the winter than many of the most populated parts of the US. You may know that Buffalo, Detroit, Madison, Minneapolis, Sioux City, Albany, Youngstown and Wilkes-Barre are colder than Newton, NH. But did you know that Akron, Binghamton, Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, South Bend, Worcester, and even Maybrook, NY have lower daytime temperatures during the winter than Newton, NH?

Newton, NH is also warmer than Gunnison, CO; Steamboat Springs, CO; Stafford, CT; Winchester Center, CT; Davenport, IA; Leominster, MA; Pittsfield, MA; Frostburg, MD; Ann Arbor, MI; Rochester, MN; Papillion, NE; South Sioux City, NE; Troy, NY; Canton, OH; Mansfield, OH; Altoona, PA; State College, PA and Newport, WA.

Even major international cities such as Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark and both Moscow in Russia and Harbin in China (with over 10,000,000 people each) are colder than Newton, NH.

Maybrook is only 57 miles from New York City, the most populated urban area in the nation. Chicago is one of most populated urban areas in the nation. The Free State Project is just asking for 20,000 people to sign up to move to New Hampshire.





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  1. Melissa permalink

    I’m from Winnipeg, MB originally. NH winters are pleasantly balmy. And the skiing is more downhill!

  2. Teresa permalink

    I feel certain that statism feels much colder than New Hampshire weather.

  3. Brian Travis permalink

    I grew up in the California desert. Palm Springs. I loved it. The heat was wonderful. But boring. I’m now in New Hampshire, and I love each of the four seasons. For the past week, I have been sweating like crazy, but I also like the beauty of the Fall and the crispness of the winter. So much diversity and so many things to do outside all year long!

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