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New Hampshire has the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the East

June 28, 2013

Updated August 20, 2013: July 2013 unemployment preliminary estimates
Good news for those looking for a job in New Hampshire.

At 5.1%, New Hampshire has the second lowest unemployment rate East of the Mississippi River. While the national unemployment rate is down 0.2% to 7.4%, the NH unemployment rate is down 0.0% to 5.1%. There was real job growth last month as the number of NH residents with a job increased by 1,800 but no growth this month.

Jobs are picking up in some the region around NH, too. VT has the lowest unemployment rate in the East at 4.6%. ME, the other state that borders NH, is 6th lowest in the East at 6.9%. MA has the 9th lowest unemployment rate in the East at 7.2%.

ND continues to lead the nation with an unemployment rate of only 3.0%. NV has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 9.5%.

Here is the NH breakdown by city for June 2013, thanks to the NH Department of Employment Security and the Concord Monitor. Of all of the metros in New Hampshire, the Lebanon metro has the lowest unemployment rate. Lebanon city is 3.6% and with the exception of Hanover, all of the towns around Lebanon have an even lower rate.


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