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Why do people have to be so uncivil when it comes to Cheshire County New Hampshire politics?

May 15, 2013

Do we really have to call reporters and politicians names? Do we really have to call people that help taxpayers child rapists? Do you really have to call for lynching a person if he or she helps a tax payer? This seems to be politics as usual in Cheshire County New Hampshire.

Keith Thompson, the co-chair and webmaster of the Brookline town Democratic Party, decided to take advantage of a Fitzwilliam town hall by Senator Kelly Ayotte to get in some jabs. Keith called Senator Ayotte a “twit.” He wasn’t done being nasty, though. He pointed to a reporter covering the town hall and referred to the reporter as a “douchebag” and an “idiot.” It’s OK to get upset, but it would also be nice if New Hampshire party leaders were able to act somewhat civil. When will Keith apologize? If you want to help explain to Keith how to be caring and compassionate, contact him at or @BrooklineDems. We are still waiting, Keith.

According to Free Keene, “Kay Georgina (, daughter of former [Democratic] Keene City Council member and WKBK Saturday morning radio host Cynthia Georgina, and Jacob Whitney (, a Master Sergeant at the Cheshire County Department of Corrections, both liked a comment on Facebook that advocated killing Robin Hooders.” Actually, it wasn’t just murdering that the comment advocated, it called for lynching folks that put 10 cents in a parking meter to prevent a taxpayer from getting a ticket. See the direct link on Facebook.


Kay Georgina wasn’t set on just liking the lynching of innocent people. On Monday she compared paying a parking meter for a person that is 1 minute late paying a meter to raping children. We are still waiting for the apology. Here is the direct link to her post on Facebook. Here is the exact quote. Kay Georgina, “FreeKeene Robin Hooders are as well meaning and helpful as a pedophile with candy and a van at a ball game.”



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