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Government workers asked for tax increases at regional budget hearing in Claremont, NH

March 20, 2013

Government workers and social workers asked for tax increases and additional tax revenue for their favorite projects at the March 18th regional New Hampshire budget hearing in Claremont, New Hampshire. New Hampshire Freedom told you that the hearing was going to happen. We told you the purpose of the hearing. Sure enough, government worker after government worker showed up, asking for more funding or even tax increases.

Other groups also showed up and asked for additional taxes. Sally Embley, a board member of Granite State Priorities testified in favor of increasing taxes 9 different ways.

You may not have heard of the high tax advocacacy group GSP but Ms. Embley explained that the organization used to be called Granite State Fair Tax Coalition. The name change occurred because of the flak the organization received by including the word tax in the name of the organization. Ms. Embley made a joke about how people don’t like taxes in New Hampshire. A few sentences later, she presented the New Hampshire House Finance Committee with a list of 9 options to increase taxes in New Hampshire. The first option was to create a personal income tax. She was the only person testifying that was cut off by the Committee because she kept going on and on. Soon after she was cut off, she left the hearing, as if she was just there to encourage the Committee to increase taxes and didn’t want to listen to what anyone else had to say.

Other people lobbied for an increase in cigarette taxes, against legalizing slots in New Hampshire, for more adolescence drug treatment funding, to increase disability funding, historic building preservation and other pet programs they were employed by or used at taxpayers expense. Even Planned Parenthood showed up to lobby for government handouts.

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