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Tuesday, March 12th is NH Town Election day, please vote

March 8, 2013

If you live in a town in New Hampshire, Tuesday, March 12th is likely town election day. In the case of the city of Keene, it is school election day. Wherever you live in New Hampshire, look into seeing if there is an election. If so, go and vote for freedom. I can assure you, the usual folks will show up at the voting location in your town and vote. You can either join them or let them dictate your local government to you.


Go to your town website and find the sample ballot. Study the candidates and the issues. If you cannot find the information online, go to your town hall. Here are sample ballots for the towns of Bedford ( ), Canaan ( ) , Hampstead ( ), Plaistow ( ) and Rye ( ).

Here are sample recommendations for the city of Keene.
Wards 1, 2 & 3 vote at Keene Recreation Center 312 Washington Street
Wards 4 & 5 vote at First Baptist Church 105 Maple Avenue

Warrant articles:
1. Yes, 2. Yes, 3. Yes, 4. No, 5. No, 6. Yes, 7. No

Candidates: vote for only 3 candidates
Ian B. Freeman
Darryl W. Perry
Conan W. Salada


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