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Putting New Hampshire’s weather into perspective

March 3, 2013

Did you know that parts of New Hampshire are warmer than much of CT, IN, IL, MA, NE, OH and PA?

Sometimes people that just learn about the Free State Project say that New Hampshire is cold. Those people then frequently complain that NH is too cold for a lot of people to want to move there.

NH is colder than much of the US. However, much of NH is warmer in the winter than many of the largest, most populated cities in the US. You may know that Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Buffalo and Albany are colder than Salem, NH. But did you know that Chicago, Des Moines, Spokane, Cleveland, Omaha and even Ft. Wayne, IN have lower daytime temperatures during the winter than Salem, NH? Even major international cities such as Berlin, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark and Beijing, China are colder than Salem, NH.

Many of those cities have histrionically been some of the most populated cities in the US. Chicago is still one of most populated urban areas in the US. Beijing has over 20,000,000 people. The Free State Project is just asking for 20,000 people to sign up to move to New Hampshire.

Graph from

Update: 7/7/2013
Maybrook, New York is only 57 miles away from Manhattan, NY. Salem, NH is warmer than Maybrook, NY in the winter.,%20ny&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

NH Weather: Salem, NH to
Torrington, CT,%20CT&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Des Moines, IA,%20IA,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USIA0231&clocid2=USNH0199

Chicago, IL,%20IL,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USIL0225&clocid2=USNH0199

Ft. Wayne, IN,%20IN&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Springfield, MA,%20MA&sfld2=Salem,%20NH,%20US&clocid1=USMA0405&clocid2=USNH0199

Oakland, MD,%20NH,%20US&sfld2=Oakland,%20MD&clocid1=USNH0199&clocid2=USMD0294

Detroit, MI,%20MI,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USMI0229&clocid2=USNH0199

Minneapolis, MN,%20MN&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Omaha, NE,%20NE,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USNE0363&clocid2=USNH0199

Albany, NY,%20NY&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Buffalo, NY,%20NY&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Syracuse, NY,%20NY,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USNY1434&clocid2=USNH0199

Cleveland, OH,%20OH,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USOH0195&clocid2=USNH0199

Toledo, OH,%20OH,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USOH0953&clocid2=USNH0199

Erie, PA,%20PA&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Scranton, PA,%20PA,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USPA1459&clocid2=USNH0199

Sioux Falls, SD,%20SD&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Spokane, WA,%20WA,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USWA0422&clocid2=USNH0199

Milwaukee, WI,%20WI,%20US&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=USWI0455&clocid2=USNH0199

Fun stuff:

Beijing, China,%20China&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Copenhagen, Denmark,%20Denmark&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=USNH0199

Berlin, Germany,%20BE,%20GM&sfld2=Salem,%20NH&clocid1=GMXX0007&clocid2=USNH0199

Freedom, NH to Freedom, WY,%20WY&sfld2=Freedom,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=

Grafton, NH to Grafton, ND,%20ND&sfld2=Grafton,%20NH&clocid1=&clocid2=


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