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Firearm Homicide rate per state, fewer restrictions = lower rate

February 8, 2013

The firearm Homicide rate per state. Fewer restrictions = lower rate.

CA vs NH is a good example. CA has about the most restrictions. NH has about the least restrictions. NH is substantially safer.

Of all the states pictured, New Hampshire has the lowest firearm homicide rate.

The chart uses crime statistics from 2004. The map uses crime statistics from the most recent year available, 2011. Not much has changed. AZ, ID, ME, MT, NH, UT, VT, WY are arguably the 8 states pictured on the map with the least restrictive firearm laws. There is no surprise that of the states with the least restrictive firearms laws, 5 of them are in the lowest firearm homicide category, 2 are in the 2nd lowest firearm homicide category and only 1 state is the in the 3rd lowest firearm homicide category. None of the state with common sense levels of firearm restrictions are in either of the 2 highest firearm homicide categories.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Very good. I agree.

  2. wordpressandstuff permalink

    Another map that might interest some of the readers.

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