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Machine guns by state, New Hampshire wins

January 22, 2013

Surprised? There are more machine guns per capita in New Hampshire than in any other state.

Machine Guns per 1,000 People by State (warning, it’s a PDF document)
Top Fifteen States:
1. NH 7.47
2. CT 6.13
3. MD 4.03
4. VA 3.69
5. ME 3.51
6. AL 3.25
7. WY 2.88
8. ID 2.72
9. IN 2.60
10. AZ 2.58
11. NV 2.48
12. KY 2.44
13. GA 2.23
14. AK 2.21
15. UT 2.13

Bottom Fifteen States:
36. NC 1.15
37. KS 1.14
38. WI 1.12
39. NE 1.10
40. TX 1.10
41. IA 1.06
42. MA 0.99
43. MI 0.92
44. NJ 0.78
45. CA 0.76
46. DE 0.62
47. RI 0.57
48. WA 0.55
49. NY 0.38
50. HI 0.31

Why does New Hampshire have the most machine guns per capita?

It is likely due to a variety of reasons. NH has a strong gun culture. NH is 1 several states without laws regulating machine guns, though, strong federal regulations have been in place since 1934. People tend to have more money in NH than other states. Taxes are lower in NH than most states. There are a lot less poor people in NH than in most states. Since people in NH make so much money, pay so little money in taxes and give less money to charity than people in other states, people in NH have more money to spend on expensive machine guns than people in other states. An interesting point is that, despite NH having the most machine guns, NH has the lowest murder rate. I guess there isn’t a connection between lots of assault weapons and lots of murders.

Some speculate that it might be due to so many companies that manufacture machine guns being located in NH. NH is certainly 1 of the major firearm manufacturing states in the US, as is CT. This theory makes a little bit of sense. However, MA is ranked #42 and it is also a major manufacturing center of firearms.

Here is a dark, conspiracy theory I just made up. There are many machine guns in NH because the NWO knows that liberty activists are moving en mass to NH and the powers that be are gathering assault weapons in NH to kill many of the top liberty activists in the world, lol.

1 way or another, we know many folks in NH love machine guns. 1 of the major 2012 fundraisers for an organization based in the most urban part of New Hampshire, the Manchester Republican Committee, was a machine gun shoot.

As the Union Leader pointed out in a recent editorial, both gun crime and crime in general is down across the country. Citing FBI data, New York University professor Patrick Egan wrote last July, “we are a less violent nation now than we’ve been in over forty years. In 2010, violent crime rates hit a low not seen since 1972; murder rates sunk to levels last experienced during the Kennedy Administration.”

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