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Jean Shaheen admits she was wrong about ObamaCare

December 13, 2012

Read a bill, that’s absurd!

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Color me surprised but Jean “the tax machine” Shaheen  actually did the right thing. Too bad it is too late as she already voted for ObamaCare. Obama’s not going to vote to end the bill. Sorry Shaheen but you exercising common sense is 2 years, 8 months and 13 days late. Oh well, thanks for realizing that you voting to create a tax which may lead to 43,000 people being fired was a mistake.

This is personal for me because I know people working in the medical equipment industry. I hope those people don’t lose their jobs because Jean Shaheen is too lazy to even bother to look at a bill before she votes on it.

Check the Union Leader for more on this story.


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  1. Patriotism comes from the Protection of these kids to grow with the knowledge they have their Government elected people to guide them down the right path . I have a feeling Senators Jeanne Shaheen of NH Charles E. Schumer, Michael Bennet, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, have a big part in this IRS b.S .& need to be subpoenaed.. And can prove my suspicions in you promoting Robert Goods that Senator Shaheen and Gov. Maggie Hassen to speak on outsourcing Jobs out of New Hampshire overseas. And then the letter Senator Shaheen sent to the IRS early of last year would have to wonder of other emails or other communications … ObamaCare = fines property seized/IRS maximum Jobs 49 will make Business move to other Countries lead to OUTsourcing .. Government takeover of Liberty of what we eat and work . Organized Crime in the IRS . NEED MORE ?….OK you will see false marriages go up to save on premiums and then SameSex marriage dont even go their … This is a trainwreck of 2 trains headed for each other ! I am glad it got repealed in the house .. . No one should have to give up their liberty or lose their patriotism to grow in number of people that they hire ! And For a Government official that is to protect our Privacy and Vote to be extorted by the IRS is treason to our Equal rights and Constitution and Oversea of Power !

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