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Strafford County New Hampshire November 6th Election Recommendations

November 2, 2012

Do you care about upholding the New Hampshire Constitution? Do you support the Bill of Rights? If so, it is recommended that you vote for the candidates listed. While all of these candidates are not liberty candidates, they are more pro-liberty than their opponents.

ONLY contested races are listed.
When a candidate’s name is blue, click on the name to learn more about the candidate.

Strafford County New Hampshire November 6th Election Recommendations
President – Libertarian Gary Johnson

Governor – Republican Ovide Lamontagne or Libertarian John Babiarz

NH-1 – Libertarian Brendan Kelly

Executive Council
District 2 – Republican Michael Tierney
District 4 – Republican Robert Burns or Libertarian Ken Blevens

District 3 (Albany, Bartlett, Brookfield, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Hale’s Location, Hart’s Location, Jackson, Madison, Middleton, Milton, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Wakefield, Waterville Valley, Wolfeboro) – Republican Jeb Bradley
District 4 (Barrington, Dover, Rollinsford, Somersworth) – Republican Phyllis Woods
District 6 (Alton, Barnstead, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, Rochester) – Republican Sam Cataldo
District 17 (Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Loudon, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Raymond, Strafford) – Republican John Reagan
District 21 (Durham, Lee, Madbury, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Portsmouth) – Republican Peter Macdonald

State Representative
District 1 – Republican John A. Mullen, Republican Robbie Parsons
District 2 – Republican Antonio Luciani, Republican Joseph Pitre
District 3 – Republican David A. Bickford, Republican Kurt Wuelper
District 4 – Republican Devon Claire Boyd, Republican Bill O’Connor
District 5 – Libertarian Aidan Ankarberg
District 6 – Republican David Childs, Republican Janet G. Wall, Republican James C. Ziegra
District 7 – Republican Deborah Kaczynski
District 8 – Republican James P. Gray
District 9 – Republican Steven Beaudoin
District 10 – Republican Warren Groen
District 11 – Republican Susan DeLemus
District 12 – Republican Robert D. Jaffin
District 15 – Republican Marga M. Coulp
District 16 – Republican David K. Martin
District 17 – Republican Donald C. Andolina, Republican Michael Castaldo, Republican Michael W. Weeden
District 18 – Republican Christien DuBois, Republican Harry H. Irwin, Republican Philip L. Munck
District 20 – Republican Marc W. Jennings
District 21 – Republican Michael J. Rhode
District 22 – Republican Fred Leonard
District 23 – Republican Cliff Newton
District 24 – Republican Laura Jones
District 25 – Republican Len Turcotte

County Sheriff – Republican Joseph S. DiGregorio

Register of Deeds – Republican Lynn Williams

County Commission
Republican Catherine Cheney, Republican Mac Kittredge, Republican Diane Wood

Constitutional Ballot Questions:
Question 1. “Are you in favor of amending the second part of the constitution by inserting after article 5-b a new article to read as follows: [Art.] 5-c. [Income Tax Prohibited.] Notwithstanding any general or special provision of this constitution, the general court shall not have the power or authority to impose and levy any assessment, rate, or tax upon income earned by any natural person; however, nothing in this Article shall be construed to prohibit any tax in effect January 1, 2012, or adjustment to the rate of such a tax.” (Passed by the N.H. House 256 Yes 110 No; Passed by State Senate 19 Yes 4 No) CACR 13 Yes
Question 2. “Are you in favor of amending article 73-a of the second part of the constitution to read as follows: [Art.] 73-a [Supreme Court, Administration.] The chief justice of the supreme court shall be the administrative head of all the courts. The chief justice shall, with the concurrence of a majority of the supreme court justices, make rules governing the administration of all courts in the state and the practice and procedure to be followed in all such courts. The rules so promulgated shall have the force and effect of law. The legislature shall have a concurrent power to regulate the same matters by statute. In the event of a conflict between a statute and a court rule, the statute, if not otherwise contrary to this constitution, shall prevail over the rule.” (Passed by the N.H. House 242 Yes 96 No; Passed by State Senate 19 Yes 5 No) CACR 26 Yes
Question 3. Shall there be a convention to amend or revise the Constitution? No

Find out where and when you vote with a Polling Place Search.
See a sample ballot for your district.

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