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Sen. Jim Forsythe Endorses Robert Boyle for New Hampshire House

October 8, 2012


Jim Forsythe, New Hampshire State Senator and co-chair of the NH Ron Paul Campaign, endorsed Robert Boyle for the New Hampshire House. Senator Forsythe both endorsed Ron Paul and was endorsed by Ron Paul. Sen Forsythe has made other endorsements this campaign season, including an endorsement of Andy Sanborn.

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Here is the full endorsement by Senator Forsythe.

Sen Forsythe Endorses Robert Boyle for NH House

I wholeheartedly support Robert Boyle’s campaign for the New Hampshire House in Rockingham District 31, comprised of Greenland, Newington, North Hampton, and Portsmouth Ward 3. I do this based on his experience as a business owner, his personal beliefs in limited government and personal freedom, and his ability to get things done. Robert is an entrepreneur who has created jobs through innovative ideas, and I know he will bring this same kind of innovation to the NH House. During these troubled economic times it is vital now more than ever to have people in the NH House who understand the needs of small businesses, and what the state needs to do, or not do, to enable them succeed.

For too many people seeking to get elected, freedom is something they use as a talking point, yet don’t truly believe in or lack the courage to carry through protecting it. But, having worked very closely with Robert Boyle over the last several years, I have seen how firmly and consistently committed to the principles of limited government and personal freedom he is. He will walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Finally, I believe that Robert Boyle is truly an independent thinker, not someone who blindly follows party doctrine. These days we seem surrounded by more political bickering than problem solving, but I am confident that Robert Boyle will apply the same critical thinking skills in Concord that he has as an entrepreneur. If you want a bright independent thinker in the State House that believes in limited government and personal freedom, make sure to vote for
Robert Boyle.

Senator Forsythe

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