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New Hampshire Primary Success: The Goffstown 6

September 18, 2012

9 Republicans ran for the Republican nomination to the New Hampshire House in Goffstown on September 11th. 6 of the Republican candidates were pro-liberty candidates. 6 of the candidates were labeled pro-liberty by New Hampshire Freedom. Heck, even the controversial Speak of the New Hampshire House endorsed the 6 candidates.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire endorsed 4 of the candidates. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance endorsed 5 of the candidates. However, New Hampshire Freedom knew the inside story. The blog labeled all 6 candidates pro-liberty. Oddly enough, the New Hampshire Speaker of the House went so far as to personally endorse the 6 candidates while he was a guest on Girard at Large, a Goffstown radio show. This may have been the only endorsement Speaker O’Brien made in New Hampshire House races outside of his own district.

All 6 candidates won in the primary. If you look at the vote totals, the more pro-liberty a candidates was, the more votes a candidate received. There is a good chance all 6 pro-liberty candidates win in the November 6th general election as Goffstown is a Republican leaning town. If that happens, Goffstown, New Hampshire will have more pro-liberty legislators than many states in America. This is a New Hampshire Primary success story.

As for the 3 Republican who lost in the primary, I’m sorry for your lose. Please educate yourself on the principles of freedom and prosperity for all. Even the famous local liberal Henry David Thoreau said “that government is best which governs least.”

The Goffstown 6: 2011/2012 NHLA rating/ votes received on the September 11th Primary
Mark Warden A+ 2182
John Burt A 1085
Calvin Pratt A 817
John Adam Hikel A- 770
Richard Meaney wasn’t in the NH House 927
Ivan Beliveau wasn’t in the NH House 926

The incumbent that lost: 2011/2012 NHLA rating/ votes received on the September 11th Primary
Russell Day C 701

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