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3 of the most powerful Democrats in New Hampshire sue the EPA

September 18, 2012

Is the federal Environmental Protection Agency trying to bankrupt several Democratic cities in New Hampshire?

The Democratic mayors of Dover, Rochester and Portsmouth, the 4th, 5th and 7th largest cities in New Hampshire, are suing the Environmental Protection Agency.  They claim the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, A.K.A. the Clean Water Act, isn’t just about clean water. They further claim that some of the regulations under it, regulations that may cost the New Hampshire Seacoast communities hundreds of millions of dollars to comply with, may not even clean up the environment. The major issue at hand is a water treatment plant in highly Democratic Dover which was build decades after the Federal Water Pollution Control Act became law.  While the Act is old, some of the issues the mayors are concerned with are related to a 2009 ruling change when New Hampshire was controlled by Democrats and the US was controlled by President Obama.

Kinder Nelson talked about how climate change is natural and not man made when he spoke on behalf of the Great Bay Coalition, a group fighting the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the Democratic mayors. Highly Democratic Exeter, New Hampshire is also involved in the lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency.

I don’t know if the Democrats will be able to prove their case that climate change is natural in this instance and not cause by man. However, if they don’t win, look for property taxes to skyrocket in these already highly taxed Democrat controlled cities. If you are thinking about moving to one of these cities, I’d consider holding off until after the court decides on the issue.

Read more about this issue in the Fosters Daily Democrat.


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