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Hillsborough County New Hampshire September 11th Primary Recommendations

September 7, 2012

Hillsborough County New Hampshire September 11th Primary Recommendations
ONLY contested primary races are listed.

Do you care about upholding the New Hampshire Constitution? Do you support the Bill of Rights? If so, it is recommended that you vote for the following candidates. There are a few question marks. Feedback is encouraged! If I receive compelling evidence one way or another on a race, I’ll update this post.

Republican Primary:
Governor – Ovide Lamontagne*

Congress –
District 1 – Rick Parent
District 2 – Dennis Lamare

Executive Council
District 4 – Robert Burns

State Senate
District 9 – Andy Sanborn
District 11 – Daniel Dwyer

State Representative
District 5 –
William O’Brien (Mont Vernon, New Boston)
Bob Mead (Mont Vernon, New Boston)
District 6 –
Calvin Pratt (Goffstown)
John Burt (Goffstown)
Richard Meaney (Goffstown)
John Adam Hikel (Goffstown)
Ivan Beliveau (Goffstown)
District 7 –
Keith Murphy (Bedford)
Kelleigh Murphy (Bedford)
Christopher Richards (Bedford)
Moe Villeneuve (Bedford)
Elijah Haykinson (Bedford)
District 9 – Michael Ball (Manchester Ward 2)
District 11 – Shuvom Ghose (Manchester Ward 4)
District 15 – Steve Vaillancourt (Manchester Ward 8)
District 16 – Donald J. Frye (Manchester Ward 9)
District 19 – Carlo V. Feoli (Manchester Ward 12)
District 20 – Ralph G. Boehm (Litchfield)
District 21 –
Jeanine Notter (Merrimack)
Lenette Peterson (Merrimack)
Phil Straight (Merrimack)
Richard Barry (Merrimack)
District 22 –
David Schoneman (Amherst)
Peter Hansen (Amherst)
Stephen B. Stepanek (Amherst)
District 23 –
Conrad P. Koch (Milford)
Robert F. Willette (Milford)
Stephen J. Palmer (Milford)
District 28 –
Carl Seidel (Nashua Ward 1)
Kevin Avard (Nashua Ward 1)
Sean McGuinness (Nashua Ward 1)
District 29 –
Michael Balboni (Nashua Ward 2)
Donald McClarren (Nashua Ward 2)
District 32 –
James Summers (Nashua Ward 5)
David Murotake (Nashua Ward 5)
District 33 – Greg Surbey (Nashua Ward 6)
District 34 –
Jacqueline Casey (Nashua Ward 7)
Edith Hogan (Nashua Ward 7)
District 37 –
Andy Renzullo (Hudson, Pelham)
Lars T. Christiansen (Hudson, Pelham)
Lynne Ober  (Hudson, Pelham)
Russell T. Ober III (Hudson, Pelham)
Jonathan S. Maltz (Hudson, Pelham)
Jordan Ulery (Hudson, Pelham)
Eric Rolfs (Hudson, Pelham)
District 40 – Gary Daniels (Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, New Boston)
District 45 – Matthew J. Swank (Manchester Wards 10, 11, & 12)

High Sheriff – Frank W. Szabo

Register of Deeds – ?

County Commission
District 1 – Joyce Arivella
District 3 – Chris Christensen

Democratic Primary:
Governor – Maggie Hassan

Executive Council
District 2 – Shawn Mickelonis

State Representative
District 9 – ?
District 12 – Tim O’Flaherty (Manchester Ward 5)
District 14 – ?

County Attorney – ?

*If medical marijuana is not an important issue to you, both Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith are decent choices.


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