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The Cilley Zombie Ad?

September 5, 2012

Is Jackie Cilley calling for a new New Hampshire general sales tax, a new New Hampshire personal income tax, a new New Hampshire state property tax or perhaps all 3?

Jackie Cilley is running for the Democratic Party nomination to be the next governor of New Hampshire. She is an underdog candidate against Maggie Hassan. Maggie took the no new broad based tax pledge. Veteran Bill Kennedy is also in the race. Bill is honest about his support for a new broad based New Hampshire tax. Bill’s primary goal as governor will be to create a new personal income tax in New Hampshire.

When will Jackie be like her opponents and tell us what she wants to do? Does she want to drastically increase property taxes in New Hampshire? Does she want to create a new 5% general sales tax, even though it would likely cost New Hampshire 1,000s of jobs? Jackie, where do you stand?

One Comment
  1. If any 1 of these 3 get in we are headed for disaster, Higher taxes, fees and a state with out of control spending.
    Hassan wants to end the Taxed enough already (TEA) group, Pledge or not she wiil be same same with her Opponents
    We need to Restore NH values ” Live Free or Die “

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