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New Hampshire September 11th State Senate Primary Recommendations

September 3, 2012

There are 8 contested races for the Republican Primary. Do you care about upholding the New Hampshire Constitution? Do you support the Bill of Rights? If so, it is recommended that you vote for the candidate in bold.

After the September 11th Primary, recommendations for all State Senate races will be made.

District 1
The candidates have made a concentrated effort to not share their ideas on the internet or fill out surveys.

District 5 Cynthia Coolidge Howard vs. Joe Osgood
Both candidates are pretty good so I don’t feel comfortable making a recommendation on which candidate to support. Howard was endorsed by the NHLA and RLCNH. Howard has shown some support for Ron Paul.  Osgood was endorsed by the NHLA. Unfortunately for both candidates, District 5 is very Democratic so there is little chance that either candidate will beat the Democratic nominee.

District 6 Sam Cataldo vs. Dick Green
Sam Cataldo has a slightly better legislative voting record than Dick Green.

District 7 Joshua Youssef vs. William Grimm
Joshua Youssef was endorsed by the NHLA, RLCNH and Sen. Jim Forsythe.

District 9 Andy Sanborn vs. Ken Hawkins vs. Michael Kenney
Andy Sanborn was endorsed by Sen. Jim Forsythe and Ron Paul.  Sanborn was recommended by the RLCNH and by outgoing Sen. Ray White.

District 11 Daniel Dwyer vs. Peter Bragdon
Daniel Dwyer was endorsed by the RLCNH.

District 17 John Reagan vs. Howard Pearl
John Reagan was endorsed by the RLCNH.

District 23 Dennis Acton vs. Russell Prescott
Dennis Acton was endorsed by the NHLA, RLCNH, Sen. Jim Forsythe and Sen. Ray White.

See the NHGOP senate candidate page for more information on the candidates.


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