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New Hampshire September 11th Primary Recommendations for Governor and Executive Council

September 3, 2012

Do you care about upholding the New Hampshire Constitution? Do you support the Bill of Rights? If so, it is recommended that you vote for the candidates in bold.

Republican Primary
Ovide Lamontagne* vs. Kevin Smith vs. Robert Tarr
Lamontagne was endorsed by Sen. Jim Forsythe , former US Senator Bob Smith, former candidate for governor Steve Kenda, former candidate for US Senate Jim Bender, Tom Thomson and GraniteGrok. It should be noted that Kevin Smith was also endorsed by several well known people in pro-liberty circles including Carol McGuire.

Democratic Primary
Maggie Hassan vs. Jackie Cilley vs. Bill Kennedy
Hassan took the New Hampshire Tax Pledge. Cilley is hostile to the New Hampshire Tax Pledge and by extension, the values of the people of New Hampshire. Kennedy is actively campaigning to create an income tax and destroy the New Hampshire way of life.

There are only 3 contested Executive Council races.

Executive Council
Republican Primary
District 1 Jerry Thibodeau vs. Ray Burton
Thibodeau was endorsed by Rep. Paul Mirski, GraniteGrok  and recommended by the RLCNH.

District 4 Robert Burns vs. Tom DeBlois vs. Chuck Rolecek
Robert Burns was endorsed by the RLCNH and GraniteGrok

Democratic Primary
District 2 Shawn Mickelonis vs. John Shea vs. Colin Van Ostern
Michelonis said “people are suffering every day because the taxes are so high” when he successfully ran a previous campaign. Shea is a career politician. Ostern is running because he disagree with recent cuts in spending and wants to greatly increase government spending.

*If medical marijuana is not an important issue to you, both Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith are decent choices.

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