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The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire 2011-2012 Legislative Scorecard was released today

July 24, 2012

In total, the RLCNH scored 223 House roll call votes and 110 Senate roll call votes and used those votes as the basis of the 2011-2012 Scorecard.

The 25 NH Representatives with the highest score are: 16 of the top 25 endorsed Ron Paul (a total of 30 NH Reps endorsed Ron Paul)
1. Thomas Beattie (perfect score but did miss some votes)
2. Andrew Manuse (endorsed Ron Paul) (secretary of the RLCNH)
3. Cameron DeJong (endorsed Ron Paul)
4. Keith Murphy (endorsed Ron Paul)
5. Susan DeLemus (her husband is a leader of the tea party in New Hampshire)
6. Dan McGuire (co-chair of the Republican House Alliance)
7. Jonathan Maltz (endorsed Ron Paul)
8. J.R. Hoell (endorsed Ron Paul)
9. Kyle Jones (endorsed Ron Paul) (youngest representative in New Hampshire)
10. Brian Seaworth (endorsed Gary Johnson before he dropped out of the GOP Presidential Primary)
11. Spec Bowers
12. Frederick Leonard (endorsed Ron Paul)
13. Calvin Pratt
14. Laura Jones (endorsed Ron Paul)
15. Daniel Itse (credited with popularizing the state sovereignty movement in the US)
16. Timothy Comerford (endorsed Ron Paul)
17. Stella Tremblay
18. George Lambert (endorsed Ron Paul)
19. Mark Warden (endorsed Ron Paul)
20.Paul Ingbretson (endorsed Ron Paul)
21. Norman Tregenza (New Hampshire Ron Paul campaign field staffer)
22. Tammy Simmons (endorsed Ron Paul)
23. Guy Comtois (endorsed Ron Paul)
24. Adam Schroadter
25. Seth Cohn (endorsed Ron Paul) (outspoken participant in Occupy New Hampshire)

The 10 NH Senators with the highest score are: the top 3 endorsed Ron Paul
1. James Forsythe (New Hampshire Ron Paul campaign co-chair)
2. Raymond White (New Hampshire Ron Paul campaign co-chair)
3. Andy Sanborn (New Hampshire Ron Paul campaign co-chair)
4. Fenton Groen
5. Tom De Blois
6. Chuck Morse
7. Sharon Carson
8. Jeanie Forrester
9. Jim Rausch
10. Jeb Bradley (former US Congressman)

See the full Scorecard, exactly what votes were used and much more on the RLCNH website.  The RLCNH even sent out a press release about the ScoreCard and endorsements.

One Comment
  1. Dee Mann permalink

    Paul is a constitutionalist, and makes no apologies about it. He believes in small governments, non-expansionist foreign policy, gold-backed currency, personal liberty and abolishing federal income taxes. He holds the most conservative voting record in Congress, and he is also the biggest advocate for the dismantling of the Federal Reserves. CAPTAIN Ronald “RON” Earnest Paul M.D. for President ! Baseball , Apple pie, medical for the poor for FREE, 4,000 babies delivered, Air Force Medic, husband of 50 PLUS years, Oath after Oath ” CHAMPION of OUR Constitution”, Ronald Reagan’s FRIEND, END THE FED, STOP the self serving, will take a PAYCUT and REQUESTED by the PEOPLE THREE TIMES !

    When “I” think of the FOUNDING FATHERS “I” think *** RON PAUL 2012*** and anyone who even remotely thinks otherwise is GUILTY of just plain old , no nonsense, STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE because IF you can READ. ALL POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT and THE MEDIA BIASED and our GOVERNMENT controlled by BIG BANKERS and CORPORATION and “We the SLAVES” deserve it ! Look up the contributors to All the Candidates and you will notice something ! The Candidates are ALL demonRATS and Ron Paul stands alone but is unafraid because WE THE PEOPLE REQUESTED him, due to his HISTORY of EXCELLENCE and Consistency, to be OUR President !!!! I now see how the current Oligarchy gained control ( Obama and his aiding and abedding is TREASON, there is NO WAY he is NOT INVOLVED and continues to be ABOVE the Law and held unaccountable. They are all being paid by the same people EXCEPT Captain Ronald E. Paul M.D., humanitarian who hung with THE GREAT COMMUNICATOR ( RON REAGAN ), has the knowledge to CORRECT these GREAT injustices and is being BLACKEDOUT because he is the ONLY MAN who knows what to do through his experience and WISDOM.

    GOD Bless Doctor Paul and ALL the informed peoples of this GREAT NATION and most importantly GOD Bless YOU my new friends ! I hope you research the extent of this corruption and your eyes opened to the Demo Socialist Platform ( Homeschooling on the rise due to the recent hiring of ADMINISTRATORS, NOT Teachers ( propaganda in kindergartners books, disgusting ) and Agenda that is DESTROYING THE FREE WORLD ! Please give Ron Paul Secret Service protection now ! RON WILL GET CHEATED and possibly Assassinated, SORRY but TRUE, History shows us anytime someone GOOD comes along they kill them or they have an accident )! They just arrested FOUR people in connection with Obama’s FIXED Illinois Election not to mention the guy who SOLD the Illinois seat ( OUR VOTES DO NOT COUNT ) !

    Obama should have been in JAIL before he even became SENATOR ! The DEATHS, in the hundreds from his cousins FAILED election attempt in KENYA to bring Socialism as DADDY proposed is available here in the USA, just without the last page condemning WHITE PEOPLE ! SHERIFFS should be ARRESTING and DETAINING Obama’s CZARS who BELIEVE they are above the Law, INDEFINITELY in order to EXPOSE ALL the corruption! Sheriffs also NEED to start DETAINING Government Officials before the Constitution is completely dismantled and the Bill of Rights shredded ! THIS IS IT! DO OR DIE AMERICA! SUPPORT OUR last line of Defense, SUPPORT OUR SHERIFFS! 300 MILLION -vs- 565 ELITE BANKER/CORPORATION types, I’ll take those odds ! Occupy ALL elected Officials and their Offices until we find out WHO is responsible for the continued LIES and CORRUPTION ! Our Forefathers KNEW this would happen so let US ( The American People utilize this Wisdom ) and the Gift of ….. MY idea of a forefather, GRANDPA PAUL ….MY PRESIDENT ! Three times is a CHARM ! GOD BLESS AMERICA and THANK YOU for letting me express my 1st Amendment Rights , AMEN

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