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Peter Schiff Show interviewed Jason Sorens- author of Freedom in the 50 States

July 19, 2012


Jason Sorens was interviewed on the most recent edition of the Peter Schiff Show from 40:50 to 58:40.

Jason Sorens is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Buffalo (SUNY) & affiliated scholar at the Mercatus Center.  Peter Schiff and Jason Sorens discussed how states like Maryland and California are screwing themselves by looking to the rich to plug budget gaps, how NY and NJ may be saving themselves from economic collapse, how states with economic freedom such as New Hampshire do especially well when surrounded by states without economic freedom such as Maine and Jason’s Freedom in the 50 States study.  Jason is also the founder of the Free State Project.

New Hampshire ranked 1st in the Freedom in the 50 States study.
New Hampshire Rankings:
#1 Overall
#2 Economic
#11 Personal

Listen to the full edition of the July 18th Peter Schiff Show here.

Edit: On 8/1/2012, Kari DePhillips, owner of the public relations firm The Content Factory, discussed how ObamaCare is slowing down her business, the oppressive taxes in PA and why she’s upping and moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project on the Peter Schiff Show.


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    consistent and wise words.

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